Dickens Festival 2018

Great Expectations

The second May Back Holiday brings the fun and entertainment back to the High Street. A little later than usual the Dickens Festival is the 2nd – 3rd June.

This bi-annual festival is to celebrate the life of Charles Dickens. The high street once again is filled with fun, dancing and music for all the family.

From lage brass bands to street re-enactments the high street has everything you need to transport you back to Victorian times.

Once again there will be a wide range of food and drink on offer from stalling in the street. So we will be bringing back our famous Pimms Bar. Serving ice cold Pimms & Lemonade pack with fruit, Perfect for the hot weekend. You will also be able to grab a fresh Crêpe to take away, or take a seat in and watch the fun unfold.


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